Official website of The HipHop Nerd.

About Mr.Fickle

Mr. Fickle possesses the talent and creative gift to nod heads in the entertainment and music industry with his witty charisma, veteran studio presence, and his ability to stand out on any beat or song he is featured on. Born and raised in Camden, NJ, he began rapping at the age of fourteen to cope with the loss of his mother due to the crack epidemic that hit hard in 1988. Heavily influenced by 90′s era hip-hop music, Fick would soon begin brainstorming how to get better as an emcee by reading every article or dictionary in sight. To date, Fick has built a solid reputation as an emcee in his hometown and in other places throughout the world by means of traveling; performing; and exploiting the benefits of the internet. His talent and diversity is one that has not been seen in a long time. Fick’s first mixtape release in 2010 “The Street’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing” instantly became a classic. Mr. Fickle’s sophomore release of his original album “The HipHop Nerd” in 2012 (avail on iTunes and Bandcamp) showed he had the ability to captivate audiences with witty messages elevated by his gift of using breathtaking wordplay. “Hiphop has been, and will continue to be a major part of my everyday life. Not only does it help me to stay in touch with my roots, but it also provides a creative outlet and escape.”


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